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Connecting the Dots One at a Time to Reach our 3-Day Fundraising Goal

Zero to Sixty in 3 Days: Day 3

After 42 miles, Day 3 seems like NOTHING! The route was a mere 15.6, with the rest being made up by the walk to closing ceremonies.  It was a GORGEOUS start to Day 3 – the clouds were out and there was a BREEZE. It may have even been under 90 degrees!  The whole day was actually perfect – nice neighborhoods, great cheering stations. Our families met us for lunch in the park. We sat in the shade and were able to hang out for a long while because we only had 5 miles to go after lunch! That leisurely pace was perfect.

Although our pace may have been slower, the cheering got LOUD as we made it to the holding area – everyone was welcoming the walkers in. We picked up our victory shirts and the cheers got louder as the last walker made it in. We were DONE – zero to sixty in 3 days!


The closing ceremony was very nice – including the single shoe raised by each walker as the survivors walked in – not a dry eye in the house!


We had a SUPER time and accomplished what we wanted – we had set off and completed the adventure of a lifetime, together as friends, both old and new!



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Zero to Sixty in 3 Days: Day 2

Mary served as our driver and barista . . . we headed back to the route at 6:30. We lined up and were off for Day 2 – 19.6 miles!

We were excited for this day because we knew it would take us down to the beach area, plus our families were going to set up some cheer stations. Those cheer stations are the BEST.

We already had some lessons learned – on Day 1, we had learned to pace ourselves. We walked together when we could, but separated when necessary. Again, the heat started off strong – the heat index brought us close to 100 again!

Nothing can sum up the hysterical conversations you have while walking this far. We all had a GREAT time and GREAT conversation! As we rounded the corner to mile 11 we were greeted by the most awful sight, a twirly, high pedestrian bridge. Our last hurdle until lunch.

Jessica had made it to lunch early and was nursing her injuries – a nice set of blisters.  Unfortunately, the injuries did Jessica in that day.


As the rest of us arrived, we had a nice lunch at an elementary school, relaxed, took our shoes off . . . made the necessary sock and shoe adjustments and were off to the beach!

Our families had made signs and set up to cheer for us (and became official “walker stalkers” for us) – they had a great time. As we rounded through pit stop 4 and mile 15, we knew from the previous day that the last 4 miles would be long and hard. However, we counted down the streets, rounded the corners and ended up back at camp for 19.6 miles!


We got in the car and headed home with the goal of Five Guys burgers for dinner! Unfortunately, Theresa sat in the way, way back of the car and needed to make an emergency stop 15 minutes into the drive . . . apparently, motion sickness set in. This unfortunate incident seemed to have been set off by OVER-hydrating at the end of the day (HOW?!).  Never fear, however, all was back to normal for Day 3!

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Zero to Sixty in 3 Days: Day 1


The day dawned early for the start of our adventure!  After going to bed at 1 am, we were up at 5:30 to get ready and head over to opening ceremonies. We hauled our luggage out to the truck and then began the walking over to the ceremony site. We stood and stood and stood . . . and watched the sun rise over the first bridge on the route.  FINALLY, we were off at 7:48 . . . 60 miles had begun!

Just over 1,400 people walked and over $4-million was raised.  Our team of six raised $15,130!

We walked over the Sand Key Bridge and along Clearwater Beach. Just before we hit the Memorial Causeway (the next bridge), we experienced our first pit stop. Giddy with excitement, we used the porta-potties and grabbed LOTS of snacks. Little did we know how many more porta-potties we’d visit and how many more snacks and drinks we’d have throughout the 3 days.

As we walked over the bridge, several of Theresa’s co-workers were stationed with a big team sign for us.  Diana’s office was armed with snacks and cheers just a little way up the road.  With all these cheering stations, we were pretty motivated – but we were only at mile 4!

The morning walk took us through lots of neighborhoods along the water. We saw some gorgeous houses and walked through great areas where people had set up small stations to motivate us on – there was lots of Halloween candy and water to be had.  However, it was getting HOT. Friday’s heat index brought us to the 100 degree mark and shade got scarce.  At mile 11, lunch was served in a park – we sat and relaxed and then started back up.

At mile 17 – the “Energizer” sponsored pit stop – we knew we were in the home stretch, only 5 miles back to camp. Little did we know how LOOOONNNNGGG those last 5 miles would be!   Jessica, Mary and Patty took the bus back to camp while Diana, Debby and Theresa trudged forward.  The bus may have been a good call, however, because a hot, 2-mile bridge hike in the sun (with no breeze) was no fun!  As we finally saw the next cheer station, then the next pit stop, we knew we had “1 mile” to go (we started cursing those signs – by Day 3 people got cute and started writing “1 mile-ish” on the signs). As we rounded the corner to camp, the music was blaring and the cheering started.  The team was reunited in camp – we made it – Day 1 – 22 miles!

Everyone headed straight for dinner.  Theresa, however, was feeling a little off. So, she visited the medical tent, laid down, cooled down and concluded the heat was a bit much. A team decision was reached there would be NO CAMPING. Quick as a wink, the bags were assembled, cab was called and we headed home to sleep in real beds and take real showers. SUPERB judgement call!

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18 days until the 3-Day: GOAL!

All 6 Connect the Dots team members have met their fundraising goals.  We have now raised over $14,600 to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust Fund.  THANK YOU!

This weekend brings our final long training walk on Saturday – 18 miles.  Sunday will take us 8 miles.  Next weekend, after 10- and 8-miles we’ll begin planning to pack our things.

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22 days until the 3-Day: 96 Cents to our Goal!

Jessica is 96 cents away from her $2,300 fundraising goal! – I think we can handle that!

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to our team.

Now, on with the walking – tomorrow is a 10-mile training walk and Sunday will bring us 8 miles.  That is easy peasey compared to last week’s 18- and 15-mile walks.

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29 Days until the 3-Day: More Goals Met

Debby has now exceeded her $2,300 fundraising goal!   We truly appreciate all the friends and family that are continuing to support us as we get closer.

One more teammate needs help — if you were planning on donating to our casue,  please donate to Jessica using the links at the right.

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33 days until the 3-Day: Only $780 from our Fundraising Goal

Diana has now exceeded her $2,300 fundraising goal!   We truly appreciate all the friends and family that are continuing to support us as we get closer.

We’re almost at the one-month countdown and we only need $780 – let’s make it happen!  Donate to Debby and Jessica using the links at the right.

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43 days until the 3-Day: Only about $1,000 to our Goal!

After a 17-mile walk on Sunday, this weekend’s walks are going to be a piece of cake – both are single digit walks (8 miles and 6 miles)!  Next week is relatively easy too, but the following weekend will bring us 18 miles on Saturday and 15 miles on Sunday!

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51 days until the 3-Day: All we can say is WOW!

Mary has now exceeded her $2,300 fundraising goal!   We truly appreciate all the friends and family that are continuing to support us as we get closer.  

Since a few team members are still trying to meet that goal (we must EACH meet the $2,300 goal in order to walk) if you were considering a donation to Patty, Mary or Theresa, please make it in her name but use the link to another team member (e.g., you can click through to one of the other Online or Mail-in Donation links on this page and type in “Patty Heimann”  followed by your name/message in the form field “Your name or message as you wish it to appear on the Honor Roll”). 

Our training walks are getting even looooonnnnnggggggerrrrrr.  This pas weekend we walked 15 miles on Sunday and 11 miles on Monday (as you were enjoying your Labor Day bbqs!  

This week, think of us as you all roll over in bed in the wee hours of the mornings!  Saturday will see us taking on a 17 mile trek and Sunday will close the weekend off with 13 miles.

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73 days until the 3-Day: Letters of Support

You can write a letter expressing your love and support to your walker, 3-Day organizers will deliver to them on the event at the 3-Day Camp Post Office.   You may send letters to:

Breast Cancer 3-Day Camp Post Office
PO Box 40366
St. Petersburg, FL 33743 

Envelopes only, please. No boxes or large packages. Mail must be postmarked no later than October 20th in order to ensure delivery at the Breast Cancer 3-Day Camp Post Office. Any mail that is not retrieved by the participant by November 13th will be destroyed.

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